What to Discuss With Any Potential Construction Cleaning Crew

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New construction cleaning is not like residential cleaning or even cleaning offices; construction leaves behind a tremendous amount of dust, and new construction means certain items need to be cleaned that aren't usually addressed by residential or office cleaners, such as grout around windows. If you're looking to hire a construction cleaning crew, note a few things to discuss with them so you know you hire the right company and they know what to expect with your jobsites as well.

1. Note how long it takes to clean your particular construction

Never assume that any construction cleaning crew, no matter how large, can clean your location in just one visit. The amount of detailed cleaning that needs to be done may require several visits; you need to discuss this with the crew so you know if you need to arrange someone from your staff to give them access to the jobsite and how often, even while work is being done. This, too, is why it's good to discuss any speciality construction or items that may need additional work, such as skylights that need polishing from underneath, stone floors that may need added scrubbing, and the like. This will ensure the crew knows what to expect and you can schedule their work properly.

2. Ask about eco-friendly cleaning

If you're very eco-conscious, you might to discuss how to salvage as much of the waste from your jobsite as possible. This can include separating wood scrap and other items that can be recycled rather than tossing them away. Your own crew can do this to some extent, but it often takes time to clean up scraps and other pieces, and a construction cleaning crew can also work to gather anything that can be reused and salvaged. Note, too, if they use "green" cleaning products rather than harsh detergents, ammonia, bleach, and the like.

3. Don't assume they perform an outside clean

Not all construction cleaning crews will clean outside a jobsite, meaning raking up debris that is on the lawn or sweeping up concrete dust from walkways and driveways. This might be in their services, but some construction cleaners only work on the building itself and not the lawn and landscaping. There are different tools that are used for cleaning a building exterior and different techniques for ensuring there is no damage to new turf, shrubbery, fresh concrete, and the like. Never assume this can be done by the same crew but always discuss this if you need an exterior clean along with the interior work.