Two Ways To Look After Newly Laid Carpet

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If you've just had a new carpet laid, chances are you're wondering what you should do to help it stay in great condition for as long as possible! It can sometimes take brand new carpets that have just been laid a little time to 'settle' into their eventual positions, so how should you care for your carpet when it's brand new? The good news is, you only really need to do two simple things...

#1: Vacuum right away--and then keep on doing so!

Old wives' tales generally recommend that you never vacuum a brand new carpet. They recommended this because when they did, they'd find that the bags on their vacuum cleaners were stuffed with fibre--so they assumed they were damaging their new carpets.

The truth is, a new carpet is usually absolutely filled with bits of loose pile left over from its creation and storage. Left uncleaned for a week or so, these bits of fluff will work their way free and get all over your house anyway--so it makes sense to get them all out before they have a chance to escape of their own accord!

Once you've given your carpet its initial vacuuming, make sure you go back and vacuum again at least twice a week for a while. This will prevent grit and other kinds of dirt from 'bedding down' in the fibres while they're still loose and uncompacted, which will keep your carpet in fantastic condition for as long as possible.

#2: Be extra careful not to spill for the first year.

Over time, the fibres of a carpet become denser and more compact as the carpet is walked over and generally used. At the beginning, though, they're far looser and more open--and this means they'll stain more deeply.

You don't want to spill on your carpets at any time, of course, but it's especially important to work to avoid it when the carpet is still new! If you do have an accident, use baking soda ASAP to soak up as much of it as you can. Don't scrub at your carpet with harsh brushes or sponges, though, and don't soak your carpets with liquid--these things will both damage them. Stick to dry cleaners and gentle techniques to keep your carpet looking great. 

You might also want to consider getting professional carpet cleaning, even if it's something you'd usually deal with yourself. Taking action like this will save your carpet from a stain that looks far worse than it would if the same thing happened a year later.