Maintaining Your Property Portfolio: Enlisting Professional Services

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For those who have a property portfolio of any size, be they individual landlords or larger letting agents, the graft does not stop upon purchasing and leasing a property. Experienced property owners are all too aware that the most stressful, costly and labour-intensive period of property management can be when a change in tenancy occurs. For those lucky enough to have responsible and trustworthy tenants, this should not be a problem. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When a lease has expired and the tenant has vacated the property, landlords can be left with a property that has been anything from poorly maintained to downright destroyed. The landlord or agent is then left with two options: either clean and repair the damage itself or hire professional assistance.

Professional Services Beneficial for Property Management

There are a wide range of professional services that are beneficial to assisting in a change of tenancy. The condition of the vacant property will determine what individual services are needed and can range from minimal repair procedures to extensive damage control or industrial cleaning. Below are a three of the most common services that most landlords or agents will require at some point in the property-management process.

Professional Cleaning Services

Let's face it, sometimes people are just plain ol' dirty. As unkind as this sounds, it is unfortunately true. Professional cleaning services will be equipped to tackle even the toughest dirt and grime left behind by those who were less than hygienic. Upholstery and fabric cleaning are also available and may prevent the need for a replacement purchase. Professionals will be trained in all aspects of health and safety regulations and be fully insured for that purpose. In addition, cleaning companies will have all the necessary equipment and tools already in their possession and ultimately save on time and money. 

Rubbish Disposal and Skip Hire

When a tenancy expires, there can be large volumes of rubbish left behind. This may vary from large pieces of furniture to bags of general household waste. Disposing of waste can be a costly and complicated procedure governed by numerous regulations and environmental considerations. A skip-hire company will eliminate the stress of the ordeal and be able to assist in the removal of a large volume of waste. Rubbish-removal services that offer skip hire are usually competitively priced with years of experience in their field. They ensure all safety and environmental regulations are complied with, removing the need for any real effort on the part of the landlord or agent. Skip hire can be organised on very short notice and at a date or time that is convenient. A range of skip types and sizes will be available to suit your property and the volume of waste requiring disposal. When the skip is delivered, simply fill it with rubbish. The company will collect the skip and attend to the rest. Things are that easy.

Pest-Control Services

Pests are a common problem associated with properties that have been poorly maintained. For example, large amounts of dirt and rubbish are a haven for colonies of rats and mice. Landlords or agents can often find that their once immaculate properties are now overrun with vermin and rodents. Should this be the case, it can be tempting to purchase a few traps or avail of similar DIY methods of removing the problem. However, this does not always suffice. Pest-control operatives will be able to adequately assess the extent of any infestations and identify the appropriate courses of action. Do not underestimate the level of knowledge this requires! Professionals dealing in pest control will be well versed in every aspect from anatomy and breeding habits of specific species to regulations governing their euthanasia. (Yes, there are regulations for rats too!) Employing the assistance of a professional will ensure the problem is totally eradicated. A professional will be able to provide advice on preventing reoccurrence as well.

Benefits of Enlisting Professional Services

Although it can be tempting to perform certain tasks oneself, in the case of property management, this can often be counterproductive. Hiring professional assistance is usually the best course of action for two very important reasons.


It is often believed that the hiring of professional services is more costly than doing things yourself, but the opposite is usually true. Yes, the initial outlay is greater, but hiring a professional often saves money further down the line. There will be no need for a costly "redo" of poorly completed DIY jobs, and the standard and quality of the services provided can reduce the need for costly maintenance procedures. Frequent use of the same service across a property portfolio will often merit a discount for services rendered and result in excellent value for money.


Time is something most professionals have little of. The time taken for a DIY attempt at most things is far greater than the completion time of a professional service with years of expertise in their field. In property management, the longer the property remains off market and uninhabitable, the greater the loss in rental income. The cost of hiring a professional service pales in comparison to the income received from a well-maintained property with a quick turnaround in tenancy. After all, time is money!

With the use of professional services, it will be easier for a landlord or agent to move forward with their properties, ensuring the remnants of disastrous tenancies are nothing but bitter memories. Continually availing of these services will improve tenant experience and encourage long-term tenancies devoid of stress and labour. Why make life difficult when it doesn't have to be?