5 Situations In Which You Might Need To Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company

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As a business owner, the physical upkeep of your office, facility or factory can help improve efficiency and get rid of waste that may hamper productivity. Commercial cleaners can provide you with more than just office cleaning, but if you're not familiar with the range of their services, here are some of the situations in which these professionals can be of value.

If You Own A Factory Or Warehouse And Your Floors And Walls Are Stained . . . then you can hire a commercial cleaning company to provide you with hydroblasting. This is a specialised type of cleaning that utilises high-pressure water to strip walls of paint, remove deep-set stains from floors and get rid of oil, grease and gasoline that may have penetrated into concrete. Hydroblasting is typically performed in factories and manufacturing facilities, as well as medical warehouses. Hydroblasting is also very effective against graffiti, which is a common issue for many business and shop owners.

If You Want Strip And Seal Service . . . then a commercial cleaner can do the job. Stripping and sealing is a process in which old flooring or polish is removed and new flooring is laid down with a sealant for additional protection and shine. Strip and seal service is typically performed on a number of different types of surfaces, including vinyl, wood, tile, linoleum and porcelain.

If You Need Landscape Maintenance . . . then a commercial cleaning company can provide you with lawn care, mowing and trimming and curbing to enhance your hedges. They can also install a sprinkler system, including setting up the timer.

If You Use Trucks In Your Business . . . then a commercial cleaning company can provide you with professional truck cleaning services. This cleaning is usually a mobile service and includes vacu-boom cleaning, which is a vacuum that forms an ultra-tight seal to a surface and suctions solid and liquid waste into a holding tank.

If You Have Hazardous Waste . . . then a commercial cleaning company can dispose of it for you and transport it to a secure hazardous waste disposal facility. Australian law requires hazardous waste to be hauled away by trained specialists, and many commercial cleaning companies have obtained the necessary permits to transport hazardous waste in a safe manner. Hazardous waste includes pesticides, solvents and blood packs.

Commercial cleaners offer a wide range of services that isn't just limited to window cleaning and vacuuming carpets and upholstery. They are often full-service cleaners that can handle all of your industrial cleaning needs.

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