Landlord Rental Tips: Can Carpet Dyeing Make Your Property More Attractive?

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Sometimes, cleaning up a property after your tenants move out leaves you with a few cosmetic headaches, especially when it comes to carpets. Even the most careful tenant can have accidents that leave stains on carpeting; simply leaving blinds open all the time can result in areas of a carpet getting sun-faded. Replacing carpets before you look for new tenants can be expensive, and you may not want to go this far if your carpets are otherwise in good nick.

But, if your carpets don't look good, then you may be worried that they are going to put off new tenants. First impressions do matter when you're showing a property. If steam or spot cleaning doesn't fix the stains, and you don't want to rip out your carpets and replace them, then you might be able to spruce up your property by having the carpets dyed. How does this work?

What Is Carpet Dyeing?

Carpet dyeing is often used as an alternative to buying new carpets. Say, for example, you have an old carpet that is still in a good condition but is looking a little tired. Its colour may be a bit faded or even just a bad match for your new decor plans. Instead of shelling out a load of cash to put down a new carpet, you can simply have the carpet spray-dyed a different colour. This spruces up your flooring and saves you money on replacement carpet costs.

Carpet Dyeing and Stain Removal

Carpet dyeing companies don't just use dyes to change the colour of an entire carpet, they can also spot dye stained areas for you. So, if your tenants have left their mark on your carpets, then dyeing may also be an effective way to get rid of unsightly stains. Spot dyeing doesn't clean the stain off or remove it; it simply changes the stain's colour so that it blends in with the rest of your carpet better. Plus, if you want to change the colour of the whole carpet, then carpet dyers can factor stains into the overall colour plan, giving you a new colour and getting rid of stains at the same time. This could allow you to make a better impression when prospective tenants view your property.

Carpet dyeing—whether you're looking for a completely new colour or colour-match stain dyeing—is a bit of a science. To get the best results, call out a dyeing specialist to look at your carpets and stains and work out suitable cover-up options for you.