3 Key Things to Look for When Hiring a Rubbish Chute

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If you have any construction or renovation project that will involve disposing of rubbish from the top floor of the building, you will want to hire a rubbish chute. Rubbish chutes help save time during construction site cleaning and are highly versatile. Versatility means rubbish chutes come in a wide range of options because of different construction works. To help you with the decision, look for the following when hiring a rubbish chute.

The Type of Rubbish

The type of rubbish you want to get rid of will give you an idea of the most suitable type of rubbish chute you should invest in. Heavy debris such as roofing tiles from heavy construction and renovation projects will require strong and thick materials. In most cases, thick stainless steel rubbish chutes will perform exceptionally for such applications because they will hold up well against the heavy debris. On the other hand, it would be unnecessary to use such chutes for lighter rubbish such as those from offices or apartment dwellers. For such applications, go for aluminium rubbish chutes. While being light, these chutes will ensure secure disposal of your light rubbish.

If you are disposing of delicate materials such as glass, metal rubbish chutes may not be a good choice. This is because the glass materials will most likely break before they reach the recycle bin, which could pose some hazards. Therefore, for such applications, rubbish chutes made of PVC would be an ideal choice.

The Weather Forecast

Many rubbish chute users are likely to overlook the weather forecast when hiring the chutes. Don't be a victim. The weather conditions, especially rainy conditions, should be a top consideration when hiring rubbish chutes. Some companies may also not be willing to rent out their rubbish chutes in extremely rainy conditions that may lead to damages to the chute. The rule of the thumb when hiring a rubbish chute for use in rainy conditions is to choose one with a cover or tarp at the base. This will allow you to cover the recycle bin or skip to prevent the rain from finding its way into the bin. Rain getting into the bin means adding rubbish will be more challenging and time-consuming. Besides, it can waterlog the materials you are disposing of.

The Access

If any materials are clogged inside the chute, you will want to access them as fast as possible. A good rubbish chute should be easily accessed from outside to allow for quick handling of material blockages. Therefore, look at the assembly of the chute when hiring one. It may be a good idea to invest in a rubbish chute whose certain sections can be easily disassembled.

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