You Should Try These 3 After Builders Dust Cleaning Tips

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After a construction or renovation project of your home, you will want to thoroughly clean the place before using it. While many homeowners prefer doing the cleaning themselves perhaps to save on the cleaning costs, getting rid of the dust can be a challenging process. This is because cleaning dust after a building project may take relatively long before you are completely free of it. However, using the following tips will help you effectively clean the dust after your project.

Invest in The Correct Type of Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming is one of the common techniques you will use to get rid of dust after your building or renovation project. However, for it to work perfectly to remove the dust, you must use the correct type of vacuum cleaner. Therefore, choose vacuum cleaners with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. Using these types of vacuum cleaners will make your work easier compared to a normal vacuum cleaner. That is, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters can trap a considerably larger amount of small dust particles than their ordinary counterparts, which means they are more efficient. Sometimes when using regular vacuum cleaners, the dust particles may be blown back out into the space in your home, which could mean extra work. Using a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters helps prevent such.

Vacuum Properly

When vacuuming, do it in a top-down fashion. That is, start vacuuming from the top of the walls as you work your way down to the floor. Doing it the other way round may only mean more work since some of the dust particles on top of the walls may find its way on the already cleaned lower sections of the walls, compelling you to clean them again. When vacuuming, remember to check the filter on your vacuum cleaner periodically for any dust accumulation. Dirty filters will affect how efficient your vacuum cleaner will be so clean the filter thoroughly.

Be Careful When Sweeping

Sweeping is usually a quick and easy way of removing builders dust. However, while it's a simple task, you can actually increase your workload if you do it the wrong way. This is because dust will simply land somewhere else if you disturb it. Therefore, if you must sweep, make sure the airflow is sufficient to direct much of the dust outside. To do this, simply open wide all your windows and even doors. Since not all of the dust may be directed outside, wait for a couple of minutes after sweeping to allow any remaining dust particles in the air to settle.